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Successful 6th General Assembly of Up4Health Project in Braganza

The 6th General Assembly of the Up4Health project took place in Braganza last July 5th. The day before, on July 4th, the consortium had the fantastic opportunity to visit the facilities of the Instituto Politécnico de Braganza (IPB), setting the stage for a productive meeting. The IPB visit on July 4th allowed participants to

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Eco-Designing a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Production Process: The Up4Health project

The Up4Health project focuses on developing a sustainable and cost-effective production process for upcycling olive, grape, and nut by-products into four natural and healthy ingredients suitable for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. CTA´s primary task is to eco-design the biorefinery that optimizes and evaluates various scale-up strategies. To achieve this, a multi-objective optimization (MOO) approach is being employed.

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