UP4HEALTH celebrated its 4th General Assembly with an online meeting gathering the members of the consortium

Our team reunited again! We held an online meeting with the objective of assessing the last months and preparing for the next ones. Our partners ISANATUR and Contactica organised the agenda of the day, which consisted of presentations of each work package and some discussions.

Every Work Package shared some interesting results which surely will help the project to move forward and the consortium to plan how our next 24 months will look like or the needs for each step of the way. The result was an overview of how thefunctional ingredients are working for different objectives of the project, how the managing issues are being sorted out; or how the communication and dissemination of the project is being done.

It was really useful learning what every work package has been working on these past months. Furthermore, we discussed how we are facing the different challenges together, such as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our work and other project-related difficulties, and finding suitable solutions for the whole consortium to be able to progress during the next months.

We can’t wait for our next meeting, which will finally be face to face, without computers! It will be much easier to network, discuss, comment and share results. Thank you all very much for your disposition, your valuable contributions and your work. See you soon in the next months!

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