Description of the organisation


Their purpose is to manufacture and distribute clean label and tailor-made blends, for enhancing shelf-life and providing food safety.

Their goal is to achieve innovative and profitable manufacturing processes for the clients, throughout their products and close assistance. Amerex maintain strong R&D-a leadership, thanks to its 40 years expertise and know-how in biotechnology. Nowadays, they are under an ambitious internationalization process.

Their reinforced pilot plant and collaborations with food-tech experts lead them to obtain new products that can be applied in every single food.

Amerex help clients and partners achieving a profitable, safe, innovative and additive-reduced manufacturing process.

Role in the project

  • Validation of UP4HEALTH ingredients in end user´s food/drinks matrices: verifying the feasibility of using fibre from different vegetable sources and with different concentrations of characterized polyphenols, for their use as an ingredient in meat, juices and sauces

Our team

Alejandro Rodríguez

Project manager

Luciano Vivas

Laboratory planning. Exploitation

Nuria Lázaro