Description of the organisation

CONTACTICA (CTA) is a private Innovation Consulting Company that, since 2009 grows by guiding and leading innovation processes with know-how and capacities applied to new product development. Experts in access to international markets and alliances for the benefit of new business opportunities, including fundraising for R&D based business models. In the last 6 months CTA has supported 3 SMEs in 4 events (Dusseldorf European-Summer-Summit, Lisbon/SONAE, Madrid/BBVA; Barcelona/INNOENERGY) to obtain private funding for R&D deployment.

CTA leads and customizes services related to:

  • Change management
  • Market prospective
  • Project Management
  • Innovation processes
  • IPR management
  • Technical assistance for internationalization and alliances
  • Risk Management
  • LCA and LCC methodologies
  • Eco-design of products and processes

All activities will decrease risk in new product development, improving and maximizing future profitability and competitiveness for our clients and EU partners.

CTA has a multidisciplinary team (PhDs, MBAs, engineers, entrepreneurs) who have wide experience in international markets, as well as cooperation actions, and offer high value expertise for the activities related to the project and future exploitation of project results.  For this purpose, our experienced team commonly undertakes prospective and innovation activities for the benefit of competitiveness and international market access.

Role in the project

  • Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication

  • Life Cycle sustainability Assessment (LCSA) & Ecodesign

Our team

Manuel Román

Project management. Exploitation manager

Carolina Alfonsín

LCSA Coordinator

Nuria Valdés

Project management. Communication & dissemination

Ricardo Méndez

LCSA Expert