Description of the organisation

INDUKERN with an operating history of over 55 years and a global presence, is a world-renowned company in the distribution of chemical products and added value solutions. We develop and market additives for animal nutrition and health, ingredients for flavourings and fragrances, food solutions and APIs and pharmaceutical excipients.

 As intermediaries between raw material suppliers and manufacturers, we represent the world’s leading companies. We have exclusive access to new ingredients, with which we are continually expanding our catalogue, adhering to the strictest quality controls.

At Indukern we also develop our own products tailored to our customers’ needs, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector. To guarantee the best introduction into each market, we offer consulting services on quality processes, regulatory documentation, costs and logistics.

Founded in 1962 by José Luis Díaz-Varela, Indukern is the company from which the Indukern Group was first created. The Group is now also integrated by this chemical company and another two reference companies in their respective industries: the veterinary laboratory Calier and the pharmaceutical laboratory Kern Pharma.

The department mainly involved in this proposal will be Food Division. The aim of the Food Division is to make nutritious, quality products, available to as many people as possible. To this end, it focuses on being an intermediary between the suppliers of raw materials and finished goods manufacturers. The Division designs, produces and markets functional food ingredients, and at the same time represents some of the best world food ingredient manufacturers.

The former activity allows the division to offer tailor-made food solutions for the customer, taking into account the raw materials, industrial processes and the necessary costs.

The highly qualified team in this Division is committed to long-term relationships based on mutual trust and rigorous professionalism.

With the aim of boosting its global strategy, in 2016 the Division acquired 75% of the Brazilian company Hexus Food Ltd, which focuses its activities on finding food industry solutions, mainly for the beverage and dairy product sectors. At the start of 2017, the Division also acquired the Mexican company Cytecsa, one of that country’s leading companies in technological solutions and premixes for the dairy industry.

Role in the project

  • Fortification of yogurts and dietary supplements with UP4HEALTH ingredients

Our team

Joan Gallardo

Validation of Up4Helath ingredients in food products

Alberto González

Validation of Up4health compounds for food application