Description of the organisation

ISANATUR SPAIN (ISA)  is a young biotechnological based SME created in 2012 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and commercializing new healthy food ingredients and compounds. The company was initially located in the agro-food innovation business accelerator of the Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Navarra S.L. (CEIN, S.L.), a European Center of Innovation Companies of Navarra, ( and recently moved to its definitive location in Puente La Reina, a larger industrial area. The production process of ISA is based on an “up-cycling” strategy of transformation of food by-products into products of higher value. That is why the company was established in Navarre, a region with a long agricultural tradition and potential for the recovery of large quantity of such food raw materials at low cost.

ISA objective is to facilitate access to natural and healthy food ingredients at best value. The production process is located in Spain exploiting the full potential of the Mediterranean diet and by-products obtained from ecological agricultural practices.

ISA R&D lines are mainly focused on the advance on the fields of olive and grape ingredients, prebiotics and xylitol. Currently ISA is involved in a regional project (NUTRIBIOTA) to evaluate the effect of foods that are part of the habitual diet of the Mediterranean countries on microbiome. The objective is to design ingredients and products that have a positive impact on the metabolic health of individual through the modulation of the intestinal microbiome, which strengthen the know-how of ISA in healthy products and food waste valorization.

Role in the project

  • Access to raw material and Strategic Plan for year-round supply

  • Production Process pilot trials for obtaining water rich in polyphenols, fibre, oily extracts and XOS from olive, grape and nut by-products

  • Validation of Up4health ingredients in snack bars, olive oil functional beverages matrices

  • Project Management

Our team

Peio Oyeregui

Design and development of the Pre-Industrial Plant. Project Manager

Nekane Santos

Validation of UP4HEALTH ingredients

Carlos Ribera

Process and materials technician