ISANATUR actively participated in the recent Food4Future Expo held in Bilbao, Spain on april 16th and 18th. As a Navarrese company, ISANATUR is committed to driving the transformation of the food industry towards a more responsible and healthy model by offering innovative and sustainable solutions.

Within the framework of the UP4HEALTH project, which focuses on the recovery and valorization of functional compounds from olive-derived by-products, ISANATUR presented a functional ingredient developed throughout the project. This demonstration underscores ISANATUR’s dedication to transforming food industry by-products into high-value nutritional and nutraceutical products. This initiative responds to the growing demand for natural and healthy products from both consumers and the industry, while also contributing to waste reduction and resource utilization.

As a key partner of UP4HEALTH, ISANATUR continues to drive the transformation of the food industry towards a more circular, responsible, and consumer-centric model. Their participation in Food4Future highlights their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the pursuit of a healthier future for all.