This new initiative by the European Commissio started last March 8th 2022. It was launched by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

#SHEULeads is a social media campaign dedicated to women and girls, which aims to highlight the work of women under 30 who are making a difference on the Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth fields at their communities.

Women in sports, science, politics, research and innovation, among other areas, are being interviewed to talk about their work and to encourage other women and girls to stand up and follow their ambition. One of them was Maame Ekua Manful, a PhD student at the Technological University of Dublin focused on the Food Science area. Her mission at Up4Health is promoting a safe and sustainable food system by ensuring novel and upcycled ingredients are safe.

Europe gives me the opportunity to lead by “pioneering in a safety assessment of sustainable and healthy food ingredients in collaboration with bio-based industry partners”.

Maame Ekua Manful, Tu Dublin

Maame responded to some questions about the work she is developing in UP4Health project, as well as the difficulties and challenges of the last couple of years. The Covid crisis was definitely an obstacle to overcome and, also, safety compliance and assessment and all legal requirements.

She was also asked to give some words of advice to the new aspiring female scientists or future EU leaders. Consequently, her advice for them is: “Follow your passion, contribute to a meaningful cause, seek growth and mentorship”.

We wish her the best of luck for her next two years of PhD and thank her, all the team at Technological University of Dublin and the other partners for their contribution to Up4Health project.