Today, April 22nd is International Earth Day, a date that reminds us of the importance of caring for and protecting our planet. Oceans are filled with plastics and are becoming more acidic. Extreme heat, forest fires, floods, and other climate events have affected millions of people. Even today, we are still grappling with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate change, human-caused alterations to nature, and crimes that disrupt biodiversity can accelerate the destruction of our planet. That’s why it’s essential for everyone to work together to restore and protect our ecosystem.

This year, International Earth Day is more significant than ever as it is celebrated during the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. The health of our planet and its inhabitants depends on our ecosystems. Restoring damaged ecosystems can help put an end to poverty, fight against climate change, and prevent mass extinction. But it is only possible if everyone helps.

In this way, UP4HEALTH project is an excellent example of how science can help us protect our planet. UP4HEALTH aims to work on a zero-waste sustainable process for olive and grape pomace, nut by-products and olive pits. Their residue will be transformed into natural fruit water that will be used in functional foods, nutraceutical supplements, and cosmetics, in order to help our planet become more sustainable.

In addition to contributing to the sustainability of the planet, the UP4Health project also aligns with the goals of the International Earth Day in 2023. As part of the project, the remaining solid fraction from the hydrolysis of olive pits will be utilized to produce energy. This not only ensures that waste is being reduced, but it also promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

In conclusion, this International Earth Day serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in our planet and support scientific projects like UP4HEALTH that help us better understand the challenges we face.

Join the global movement to restore the earth and make our planet a better place for everyone!