Description of the organisation

University of Vigo (UVigo) is as a public institution committed to the promotion of knowledge and research, with a European and Atlantic vocation. It offers up to 56 degrees on its three campuses, Ourense, Pontevedra and the main campus situated 15 kilometres from Vigo. In conjunction with the local business companies, the UVigo has launched several significant chairs representing both its R + D activities and the socio-economic sectors that are being fostered. The UVigo is obtaining a singular success when transferring its research groups´ results to the surrounding companies. Currently 243 R + D groups of the UVigo are carrying out research projects in several fields. One of them is the Agro-Environmental and Food Research Group (AA1) involved in UP4Health Project.

The AA1 research group is specialized in chromatographic separations (GC-MS and LC-MS) and molecular biology and proteomics. Researchers of AA1 investigates the distribution of agricultural and environmental organic chemical contaminants in the food production chain, and how improving the sensory and functional quality of food, with an eye on the food chain globally, integrating environment, agriculture and food with nutrition and public health issues. The research also focused on the study of persistent organic pollutants from the point of view of public health (epidemiology, toxicity of mixtures, metabolites …), and on the study of secondary metabolites in plant foods, exploring the molecular mechanisms that explain their activity.

Role in the project

  • Ingredients characterization

  • Identification and quantification of the potential bioactive compounds and contaminants

  • Encapsulation step for bioactive agents

Our team

Jesús Simal-Gandara

Project manager. Senior researcher

Miguel A. Prieto


Paz Otero

Post-doc researcher