On the 16th of June, we have our 2nd General Assembly meeting. Due to the pandemic situation, the General Assembly meeting was held online, with the attendance of all the project partners.

In this meeting, we discussed and explained the work carried out during the first 12 months of the project. Besides, the planning for the following 6 months was decribed. The deliverables submitted and delayed were mentioned and risks were reviewed to keep on track the project, and mitigate potential problems. Furthermote, the Coordinator explained some project procedures such as communication among partners and external communication or risk assessment so every partner is aware of these procedures.

On this meeting, for the first time our External Advisory Board (EAB) was present. This Body will be giving advices and helping us in the fulfilment of our objectives. The following people forms this EAB:

  • Luis Angel Fernandez – Vice President Strategic Development Flavors – EMEA & International MANE  
  • Valerio Allegro from the company Allegro Natura

Due to the presence of the EAB, the last part of the meeting was a discussion regarding the actual project results and the impressions and comments by the EAB, which were really helpful for the whole Consortium.