UP4HEALTH holds its first in person meeting during the project’s 5th General Assembly Meeting in Puente La Reina (Spain)

At last! We finally met in person after 2 years of remote project work. It was really worth the travelling from different countries to gather together at the lovely town of Puente La Reina (Navarra, Spain). The rainy streets received all project members, as they welcome pilgrims from all over the world each year, for Up4Health’s 5th General Assembly Meeting, kindly organised by Isanatur’s team.

The first mandatory stop of the meeting was made during the 12th of December, visiting Isanatur’s facilites, where Manuel Román (Contactica) and Francisco de la Peña (Isanatur) showed the present project members the work carried out there. All the machinery and processes were explained to everyone for them to understand how all samples are collected and then sent to the other partners for their tests.

It was a great opportunity for all partners to be a part of the project progress. Francisco also explained some of the specific progresses and the outcomes obtained so far in the Up4Health project. Also, it is the olive season and the harvest, except if there is rainy weather, normally occurs at this time of the year. So, Francisco described all members how the process is normally carried out from the moment the olives enter Isanatur’s facilities. Quite an insightful visit!

It was really motivating to see these products in person, try them and get to know their organoleptic qualities and potential benefits. After the worked performed by each partner, it is quite refreshing to see how everything is going someplace else. All the partners contributions with their presentations and discussions were fruitful to carry on with the planning for the next months. Until the consortium meets again, there is plenty of work to be done.

A big thank you to Isanatur’s and Contactica’s team for the organization of this hybrid meeting, and to all the project members for travelling to Puente la Reina and participating in such an active and determined way. We can’t wait to share again all the advances of the months ahead. See you all soon!

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