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The University of Vigo (UVigo) is working on a strategy to reduce food wastes and advancing on biowaste tests

Researchers from the Nutrition and Bromatology Group led by the Professor Dr. Jesús Simal Gándara at UVigo are evaluating by-products from olive oil, wine, and nut production to transform them into natural and healthy ingredients for nutraceutical, cosmetic and food applications in the context of the UP4health project. By-products generated during extraction of olive

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Olives, the source of “liquid gold,” offer more riches to unlock

Olive oil is a multibillion-euro global business and Manuel Román is determined to create an even bigger market from the sacred ancient fruit. Román is co-founder of ISANATUR, a Spanish company that has built a refinery able to turn every part of an olive into a commercial product of some kind. Pulp and pits Only

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