Sustainability assessment

Eco-Designing a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Production Process: The Up4Health project

The Up4Health project focuses on developing a sustainable and cost-effective production process for upcycling olive, grape, and nut by-products into four natural and healthy ingredients suitable for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. CTA´s primary task is to eco-design the biorefinery that optimizes and evaluates various scale-up strategies. To achieve this, a multi-objective optimization (MOO) approach is being employed.

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Our partner CTA explains the sustainability process assesment of UP4HEALTH

Why circular economy in bio-economy is needed and how it can be environmentally and economically optimized at industrial plants? Circular economy strategies are crucial to decrease the environmental impacts of human activities. Avoiding the generation of waste is a priority, followed by the reuse, repairing, reconditioning, recycling, energy recovery and, as last option, landfilling of

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