Our project coordinator presented and discussed some facts and preliminary results at #EUBCE22 Conference

Last week the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition took place through an online format. It was quite interesting listening to all the experts presenting relevant topics about this subject. Furthermore, wee had the opportunity to see our project coordinator,  Isanatur, presenting some preliminary results.

EUBCE is, actually, the largest conference and exhibition in the world which addresses the latest advancements in biomass. It was an honour to share the virtual space with over 2.000 experts form academia and industry sharing and discussing bold and innovative ideas for the sourcing, production, and utility of biomass.

Manuel Román was in charge of presenting the Up4health project and its main goal: proving that it is possible to obtain economic value from olive, nuts and grape waste, meeting the increasing demand for natural products in the Mediterranean market. The project was included in the Food & agricultural waste to bio-based end products session.

Olives, grapes and nuts are very common and relevant products in the European Union, especially in the Mediterranean area. The wastes produced during the industrial extraction process can be reused in order to obtained by-products. This is the basic idea of Up4Health project so we can produced biobased products from these by-products.

Our project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020, aims to contribute to a more sustainable Europe and to the European Green Deal. It combines sustainability, circular economy and health in one project and that is what Isanatur stated at EUBCE22. The general public demands healthier, more sustainable and more natural products to include on diet, and sustainability is becoming a priority in their food choices.

We thank EUBCE for giving us the space to present our preliminary results and all the experts for their thought-inspiring ideas and discussions.